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Read it carefully

Post  Admin on May 14th 2009, 17:28

We are going all to new server, a server with rates of exp/sp x15 so that we won't spend so much time on playing.
The reason of that is our real life and our jobs and is the most respected also.
And we have an information that in this server our old enemies have already gain a Castle, which we are called to get.
But before that we need to lvl our new characters.
The new server will be informed to everyone from mouth to mouth either by TS or by e-mailing the link to everyone from facebook.

Our Team Speak server is (which is not ours but the administrator of this server lets us use it untill we will make our own one).
To connect please follow > quick connect 1> on server space we write : 2> next space our nickname in TS 3> when registered repeat our nickname
4> our password on TS.
When we enter please follow 1> self 2> register with server 3> nickname 4> password !! please here type a password for the steps 3 and 4 for later use on the connect section above
And join on any channel you like except the administrators channel and l2 castle siege channel which are protected with passwords.

That's all for now hope we will enjoy new server and always protect our selfs from anyone who want to abuse or use us.
We are a Team and we will remain this way.
study study study


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